MCP died unexpectedly

Hi…when ever i try to connect my mobile(nokia xpress music) using USB i am getting the message as mcp died unexpectedly.Could you suggest a solution.:frowning:

Hello and welcome.

As we are not clairvoyant, can you please tell where you are trying to connect your mobile to? I guess a system with openSUSE, but then guessing realy stops, What version of openSUSE please.
And howe/where did you get that message?

Are you usiing a desktop environment (I guess, yes), when yes, which one?

Thanks for the concern.:slight_smile:After connecting the mobile using USB port,i’ll open file manager(dolphin) ,then while trying to open memory card or phone memory there displays the above message…The version is 12.3.please help:(:frowning: .Some times it works normally…but most of the times its not working.:frowning:

I initially overlooked this thread because of the title. (I’ve never heard of MCP, but now I think it is a typo. Please correct me if I am wrong.) Many mobile phone devices provide access to their internal storage using MTP (media transfer protocol), so I’m assuming the message you actually got was ‘The process for the mtp protocol died unexpectedly’ or similar. Dolphin uses its in-built KIO slave (kio-mtp) to handle devices like this with varying success. Here’s one of many blogs on the subject:*****.html

There are alternative MTP implementations available (but not necessarily as convenient), and some are discussed here:

I note that you are using openSUSE 12.3 (with old version of KDE), and it may be that a later version of KDE will not have this issue, so worth trying IMO.

Beyond this, you may simply need to submit a bug report.