MCE error when booting and logging out

I’m just a normal user of linux. The most advanced skill I have is compiling the source code to install software according to “readme”, perhaps.

There is a problem with my laptop when install newer linux distribution (opensuse >=42). It’s about mce error. The OS would suspend to RAM when error log shown on display and it continues when power botton was pressed or clicking mouse to wake up the laptop.This suspend to RAM event occur about 3 times and never happens again after logging in. Then it happens again when logging out.

I have tried other linux distributions. Ubuntu 14.04 and older ones are ok (I forget if the 14.10 works fine or not ). Others like fedora, cent os, debian .etc ( distribution at 2015 or newer, maybe) get the same question , even worse. The " suspend to ram " happens from OS installing process to use after logging in.

I have tried " acpi=off " when kernel boots and it works. But the laptop gets too hot if done like that.

Other code such as acpi=ht pci=noacpi .etc doesn’t work.

I just want to know if this issue could be solved by editing some profiles or the CPU replaced by other one such as I5 (original one is I7 2670qm).

error code showed:

Thank You very much!