MBR not recognized (Win7 on UEFI Legacy)

I am trying to install openSuse 13.2 on my computer. I have a SSD which I split in 2, one for games (Win7) and another one which I left blank for openSUSE. I also have a separate HDD.

When I get to installing openSUSE, it tells me that the current filesystem is not recognized and yells something about MBR. I have some files on Win7 partition, so I’d rather not have to overwrite the entire thing. GParted also gives me the same error.

How do I correct this, and install openSUSE on my new computer?


“UEFI Legacy” seems like a contradiction in terms.

If Win7 is installed to use legacy booting, then you should install opensuse to also use legacy booting. To do that, you need to boot the install DVD (or similar) in legacy mode.

If it is not obvious how to do that, then let us know and we will try to help you find it. For my UEFI boxes, I am able to switch which way I boot. On one of them (a Lenovo) there’s a choice to “prefer UEFI” or “prefer legacy”. On the other box (a Dell Inspiron 660), when I hit F12 during boot, the BIOS gives me a boot menu with two different options for the opensuse install media - both a UEFI boot option and a Legacy boot option.

Generally speaking, I prefer UEFI and mostly install that way. But if you have Windows installed for legacy booting, then you should also install opensuse that way.

If I have misunderstood the problem, then explain in more detail. And provide the output from

# fdisk -l

“fdisk” should be available on the install media. And you can temporarily mount a USB to save the output to a file for later posting.

You must boot the installer in legacy mode if you want legacy. Also openSUSE default wants 3 partitions swap root and home. Best not to format a partition for it withWindows just leave free space for the installer to use

How did you ‘split in 2’, as you call it?
What tools/apps did you use and what did you exactly do?
Please, tell a bit more about that.