MB versus MiB: 13.2 ok, Leap42.1 not ok


I have again made an upgrade for test from 13.2 to leap42.1. Now most things run more or less as expected. But nevertheless, I don’t yet like to switch to 42.1.

Under 13.2, I can configure in Locale “Country and Languages…” under the Tap “Other” the measurement system (I set Metric System) and byte size units (I set kB for 1000 Bytes, MB for 1000000 Bytes etc.).

Under Leap 42.1, this Tap is not there (just a lot of countries, but no units!!!). So, my readings in Dolphin are in MiBs etc.

Why can one not make, that the user can set what he is used to since years? (I used these settings in 13.1 and 13.2, all ran perfectly.). I don’t like to swich to a new system which inhibits my personal settings!

So, I will not yet upgrade.

greetings, flexwippi

You do not say which desktop environment you use, but I assume that it is KDE.

What you see is only one aspect of a more general problem. See e.g. https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/514263-Configure-desktop-ISO-date-YYYY-MM-DD-no-longer-available

It seems that somebody got the idea that choosing how you want to display things directly from a few options per case should be replaced by an endless list of country flags. The designer probably thinking tha it is then clear to you what the preferences of (at least some of) the people in such a country are.

A show stopper to me.

Hi Henk

Thank you for your reply and the link to the date-problem. Yes, I am using KDE (all standard from 42.1 with all automatic updates). I am astonished, that good features like settings with direct entry are thrown away for crazy “simplifications” which don’t do good. I am hopeful, that when cracks are also thinking, that this is not a good way.

Hopefully, there will be a correction for all these details. In the mean time, I will stay with my wonderful 13.2 with KDE, which runs very nicely. I assume that we have time until 2017 for the support phase to end for 13.2. So, the experts have time to make things better (or worse).

greetings, flexwippi

You may want to voice your unhappiness (respectfully) over at the KDE site

Yes, every support of re-implemeniting a sound user interface for configuring may help.