May Screenshot Thread

I’ll start this month. Hasn’t changed from last month so same screenshot (lol):](

ah7013 wrote:

> I’ll start this month. Hasn’t changed from last month so same screenshot
Funny you are :slight_smile:

PC: oS 11.3 64 bit | Intel Core2 Quad Q8300@2.50GHz | KDE 4.6.2 | GeForce
9600 GT | 4GB Ram
Eee PC 1201n: oS 11.4 64 bit | Intel Atom 330@1.60GHz | KDE 4.6.0 | nVidia
ION | 3GB Ram

This time, i emphasize in having a easy to read desktop so that i don’t get eye restraints.

I use Droid Sans font but increased the fontsize of one pitch.
For the colors i chose WhiteEyes. The rest i left like i had it.
For the icons i use Kycons and the windows has Plastik.

(, on Flickr

(, on Flickr

(, on Flickr

(, on Flickr

Haha lol :slight_smile:

for the beginning of may I have darkened my desktop

theme: Androbit
window decoration: Air-black
wallpaper: Horos](

Change in background for May.](

The same as April.


my current screen shots


Gnome3 Over opensuse 11.4 64bit, Core2due processor 2.9 and 5 gb of RAm.

I can not see it.

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Alright, new wallpaper:](](

Not just one desktop …

I just love the default wallpaper. My setup is in the living room so i have a 42’’ top desktop/TV and a 19’’ plasmoids filled desktop when the top is in TV mode. Had some trouble making Xinerama work on my ATI card but finally it all works.](

Here is my May screenshot of Gnome 3.0 on the netbook. Has some gnome-sell-extensions running;

hotspot-icon - Changes the hotspot ‘Activities’ string to the suse logo
places-menu - A systems status menu for quickly navigating places in the system
drive-menu - A status menu for accessing and unmounting removable devices
noally1 - Removes the Computer Accessibility icon and menu (a11y) from the panel](

Gnome 3 is beautiful but I had some difficulties when installed it so it was a nightmare for me. Ill wait a little bit longer, but congrads for you

You should be fine now the netbook is a clean install, desktop was an upgrade…

I don’t run other DE’s though if I install KDE, it’s on a seperate partition and seperate boot :wink:

And it will make the delights of many, specially now that that you popped out some cool extensions for tweakers fun !!

Yup, the upgrade got my desktop messed up, so to evade a lot of lose packages i did a clean install. Ill probably wait for 12.1 or whatever its going to be called. In the meantime Ill experiment on other peoples PC when they tell me " Oh, my computer is slow, full of viruses". Ill cure them of the disease that is M$ >:)

Nice one. It looks great and is easy on the eyes IMHO.

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