May is big or small problem with may panel auhhh?

When you look in front of your panel from left to the right and I like to start from the left of the panel.

Application Launcher,Device Notifier and desktop is missing:O.
When you go to the Desktop–>System Settings–>Multiple Desktop and you can change you can change Number of desktop those one is missing in my panel.
Please is few of you can help me out here.

I`m pleased for helping me


Are you trying to say your pager widget is missing? That is the widget that allows you to switch between multiple desktops.

May your right and I was just looking in the widget try to find it.
Is pager widget in widget couldn`t find it.


Try right clicking on your panel and then selecting Add Widgets](

Then in the search box of the Add Widgets window search for pager](

Then add the pager widget.

Well I was over lokked it and found it because of you lol!.

Thank you and I appreciate for you help;)



It is solved

No problem. Glad to see I could be of some assistance :slight_smile:


I let you know and everyone.
I love to tell others how I solve my problem usually I playing around and have no answer for it and I have few answer to tell all of you they dont understand me because my english is not good:'(. Im into suse for good now from the beginning I start be member in Novell.

Thank you

Very very welcome. You’ll see that from posting and reading in the forum you will not only learn about linux and opensuse, you will find as well that an ‘open’ view broadens your mind and the world around you, AND your english will improve along the way…:wink: