May be switching to OpenSUSE soon. Two questions

First off. I hope I put this in the right section.

I have a Gateway MD2614U that I plan on putting OpenSUSE on when 11.3 comes out.

I had a problem with my Graphics Card on Ubuntu(Mint). Whenever I would lock the screen or hard reboot, When I restarted after locking the screen and/Or hard rebooting the turning on/Turning off graphics would flicker and not display right until I reinstalled.

I have a Radeon HD 3200 and it would do it rather I had the default driver or FGLRX. But I found a fix for the FGLRX.

After I installed the FGLRX I had to:

sudo aticonfig --initial -f
aticonfig --acpi-servces=off

What would be the equivalent for OpenSUSE?.

One last thing. Scrolling.

I’ve had a scrolling problem on both my Desktop and Laptop(Only does it when I am using an external Mouse).

I could be browsing questions on Y!A. Scrolling down a page and then it would jump upwards. Or vice versa.

It also sometimes did it when I was browsing a folder.

Anyone heard of OpenSUSE doing that?. Or is it just an Ubuntu issue?.

Sorry for this being so long. Just wanted to make sure everything would work before I switch.


An External mouse ps/2 and / or USB that suddenly jumps up is an indication of a failing mouse. Don’t be surprised but even new mice aren’t perfect. Years ago I tested 25 new mice of different brands and found 19 that worked perfectly 4 that worked marginally, and 2 that failed. In the course of regular use, of the 19 that worked perfectly, 14 started showing signs of failing with-in 6 months. The scroll feature was the most prone to failure probably due to the rather cheap way scroll mice are constructed. Particles of dirt really mess them up fast.

I doubt that’s it. It’s brand new and worked fine under Windows.

I heard about:

sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl

But it couldn’t find it.


Don’t be fooled about some device working in windows and then giving problems in Linux. Windows ignores and hides many potential errors then when you try and install a Linux flavor it fails. Linux does processing very precise. If the mouse, in your case, is being sampled using averaging in windows a scroll intermittency would not be seen. Under Linux which re-acts to every change would be more apt to give trouble.

Have you tried using a different desktop? Have you tried changing the mouse responsiveness in YAST?

In the first part, the default graphics would be the best choice. fglrx should work fine,as long as the install is followed correctly.the second as far as the mouse is concerned the ms optical notebook mouse is the one i use for suse and i have been using it on laptops and netbooks for 3 years now (no problems with the scrolling)