May 2020 Screenshots

To start with: SDDM has the same theming, credits for the lightbulb and the geeko-modern-style go to LCP/@hellcp

The screenlocker in KDE Plasma5
The desktop

I am going to need to update my theme to a darker background.

This is a nice, clean, and minimalist layout.

Must be nice and less chaotic to appreciate your time on the system.

I’ve always felt that icons on a desktop mean WorkTODO. Which I don’t see after half an hour, by the dozens of apps I run. I feel some of it is a good thing to package, but currently half of it ( the desktop stuff ) is in my homedir, the other half on the system, and it would mean I’d have to keep it up to date. But, I could share it somehow for what it is.

EDIT: and btw, the bottom panel is the latte dock, customized to my needs.

Very nice in its simplicity:)

For the sort of new forum


Knurpht, would you like to share the new geeko - wallpaper and icon(s). It is very nice.

Thank you

No problem. It’s a bit more than just a wallpaper and icon:

Download the content of both folders to some folder in your homedir.
You have to extract the openSUSE.Knurpht.Edition.tar.gz to ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel
The PNGs folder contains the .png files I created from hellcp’s new Logo and Bulb.

The rest is a matter of applying through the various options in Plasma setttings, the kicker icon from right clicking the Kicker etc. You may have to set a dark color scheme.

Thank you.