May 2012 Screenshots

Xfce 4.10](

This one is KDE 4.8.2 Plasma Netbook Workspace on openSUSE Tumbleweed](](

So this image just helps confirm that I am crazy … about using openSUSE! lol!

Thank You (for using openSUSE),

My desktop!
A simple pair of widgets in superkaramba, and nothing more…

Another screeny, Xfce 4.10](

Here’s another one, KDE Plasma Netbook Workspace, Reflektion Icons, custom Air/Reflektion icons plasma theme:](

Todays screenshot: at 2012-05-24](

here is main :smiley:

@conram I really like your wallpaper in your first pic, could you please tell me where i can obtain a copy? Thanks

Sorry I did not bookmarked the site.
I got it in one forum discussing Qt graphicssystem.

Thanks mate. Because of you tip, i found it. Light and line Red Blue Turned out, i didn’t like it with my setup, so i haven’t used it.