May 2009 Screenshot Thread

i’ve gotta start this one, just found my fav background!](

Opensuse 11.1
Compiz + (transparent) Cube

and yes, its scary at night lol!

And this is mine.
Personal laptop with openSUSE 11.1 Gnome.](

Mine for May.](

Add for me:](

I created this wallpaper, glad someone likes it! :slight_smile:

My desktop is looking like this in may:](

Ohh, its urs. Really great work. One of my fav wallpaper.

Here’s mine kde 4.2.2](


That is a flipping awesome wallpaper.

Be really cool if it is on a laptop, and set the screen to dim after a certain amount of time, but make the eyes not dim so they glow even brighter as the rest get dim… >:)](

I love my new 24" LCD :smiley:](

In your screen shot, terminal shows 11.2 with kernel 2.6.29.

ohh, i think it will be Alpha version or milestone 1.
Did not see any news about that.

Hi guys i have a problem in a 10.1 server system.
I will upload the screen shot, the system start with kde 3.5 after login but i can’t use choose the session, i like used gnome on this machine…pls help

I’m using Factory (and KDE 4 UNSTABLE).

I always do that a few months after the last stable release of openSUSE.

Ugly as ever. SLED10 on HP 2133 mini-note

doesnt even XCFE work? that screeny is really ugly

thanks for this info “reloaded Dolphin that Konqueror would work properly” :shame:

quick recovery linux

Lucky <insert swear word here>! :stuck_out_tongue: I will get one! I swear! Darn recession!](](
My current desktop:)