Maxtor OneTouch Error

Today I attempted to use a recently purchased Maxtor OneTouch USB HardDrive.

My computer evidently recognizes it. However when I attempted to access it I got the following error message. ( see attached screenshot )
Does anyone understand? I attempted the terminal command listed, but it said it could not mount.
I am at a loss as to how to get this thing to work. My other external works fine, but it was originally set up on a windows machine.
All suggestions will be appreciated:\

OK let me try this again. For some reason the file did not get attached.

Reboot to windows. And ensure you unmount the drive properly under windows. Remove the drive. Then try again. (boot to Linux and connect the drive).

I believe the error message gives you the information you need (ie it advises you that you can force the mount if need be).

This error occurs every time you remove the external ntfs drive not in the save way (just click on the eject button in the plasmoid or in windows safely remove it).
You don’t have to boot windows for correcting this error, just do what the error says (use the --force option) :wink:

Btw why is this thread in the screenshot section?

OK, I have a problem here. I do not have Windows installed at all, only Linux have not had windows for three years. Ever since they refused to update my version of xp.
So outside of finding a pc with windows installed ( none of my friends have computers ) I’m screwed?