maximized windows too large

I’m using openSuse 11 with Gnome. If I maximize any window, the “X” button in the upper right is out of range (I cannot see it). How can I make maximized windows a bit smaller by default. I’d guess there’s an easy way to do this??? Thanks.

  • odindba,

are you sure your screen resolution is set correctly? Check with sax2.


I know some unix, but not these gui config linux things like sax2. I managed to find the video config gui, and it happened to say “sax2” in the title bar, but how was I supposed to find sax2??? I trusted openSuse to detect and config my video. It did detect the correct monitor and card. The single config thing I did was set resolution to 1280 by 1024. It seems to me that it should “know” not to maximize a window such that I cannot see the “X” icon in the upper right, or the vertical slider bar on the right of some windows. I cannot be the only poor soul who’s had this problem. Doesn’t someone out there know the exact place to change something???

This seems like an openSuse bug, or sloppiness in precise testing. I notice that Firefox maximizes such that I see the “X” button in the upper right, and the vertical slider bar on the right, why can’t the system windows (like Yast) and terminal windows controlled by openSuse do this?