maximize window to the right/left half of the desktop


I’m using OpenSuse 11.0 with KDE 3.5 and have to handle several windows quite frequently. In my earlier life, i.e. when I used Windows XP, I defined keyboard shortcuts to maximize the active window to to the right/left half of the desktop, in order to quickly compare their content – and put the space on the desktop to better use. I’d like to do that with KDE, too.

Unfortunately a google search almost always leads me to the solution “by hand”: Alt+Right Click and the predefined Keyboard Shortcuts “Pack Window to the Right” and “Pack Shrink Window Horizontally” don’t do the job either (if they do anything at all).

So, anybody got an idea, where to look for a solution?


I guess, I’ll have to settle with the pre-defined functions. Does anybody know, where I could find the documentation for the functions “Pack Window to the Right” and “Pack Shrink Window Horizontally”. The documentation on returns no (matching) hits for a search with the keyword “pack”. Perhaps, I’m just missing some obvious help?