Max System Memory

Can anyone tell me the Max RAM that openSuSE will recognize?

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Depends on the kernel. If you use a 64-bit kernel, more than you can
purchase. If you use a 32-bit PAE kernel, probably more than you can
purchase (though hopefully if you get > 4 GB you are using 64-bit).

Good luck.

DShack wrote:
> Can anyone tell me the Max RAM that openSuSE will recognize?
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No definitive answer but obscene comes to mind using the sles 11 spec sheet I get 64 TiB / 512 GiB (theoretical / certified). Tbh if you really are approaching those type of figures I would of thought a supported OS would be the way to go.

It has been reported under various Linux sites that Linux kernel has a limit of 3 terabytes ram and 3 terabytes on each attached partition whether the partition is a whole drive or a segment of whole drive. openSUSE as with any distro uses the constraints of the kernel. I have not checked the claims to verify such large RAM limits but one of my machines does use 16GB happily under Mandriva 9.0 (fairly old version) and likewise had no problems with RedHat 7.0. BTW these are from Windose era where Windose coughed and sputtered over 4GB RAM!

If your like most who use 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB mbo’s you have nothing to worry about. BTW Linux does recognize USB storage which can be external hard drives up to and including 3TB per partition, and USB memory theoretically also up 3TB.

With all this said… there are some caveats in that while Linux has potential for high ram limits, it sometimes doesn’t recognize the correct amount of RAM reported by the BIOS either because of wonky MBO design or shared video stuff. For these situations there are boot parameters to inform the kernel the right amount of RAM installed / shared.

It depends on the kernel, the core of the OS if you dont know what that is.
The 32bit version can go up to 3GB normally, however I know its possible to get the 32bit kernel to see more then that.
The 64bit version is almost limitless.
But you really dont need to stress about RAM in linux, even just 512MB of ram can make great use.
But this depends on what you want to do, if you like high graphic performance and play graphics heavy games the more RAM you have the better.
But yeh dont stress on ram, this is not Windows Vista.

Thanks. I appreciate your advise.