Max sound volume too low, how can I raise it?


I’m using Opensuse 11.1 32bits gnome. I’m new to linux. Everything is fine, except for the sound volume. Even at max, it’s still too low.

I know it’s not a problem with the hardware because under windows the volume is higher.

What can I do to raise a bit my max volume levels? In ubuntu I used “alsamixer” and then there were lots of options, but when I try it in opensuse, there is only one volume, “master volume”, already in max.


I am not a gnome user, so I can not help much re: any Gnome specifics.

But you could try going to YaST > Hardware > Sound > Other > Volume and move up both the PCM and the Master volume there to 95%. Close YaST. Then start your Mixer. And move up both Master and PCM volume to high levels.

Reference ubuntu, its hard to compare the sound specifics of that to openSUSE unless one knows more details. If you wish to compare the two, then in both systems (ubuntu and openSUSE) run:/usr/sbin/alsa-info.shand post here the output URLs (just the URLs) provided by both OS (ie the output URLs from each). With that the two Linux OS can be compared.

the problem is the channel that the volume control is actually using,
in the aslamix are there any other options (is this a volume control in the systray?, have you right clicked on this systray icon?)
In KDE the systray volume control has a right click option to select the master channel, this will bring up a mixer panel to select what channel the mixer should use as the master, like pcm, or front or master in my setup. I’ve had a problem like this previously in suse and had remebered stumbling across this myself. After setting what channel the systray volume should change you will be able to adjust the now correctly controled channel to the needed volume.