Maven related facility not found

For some time now, I have had notification of some new software updates. Yet any time I try to use the “Install Updates” button to try to install them, a maven related item is not found. I get the message “nothing provides ‘mvn(org.apache.maven.resolver:maven-resolver-named-locks) = 1.7.3’ needed by the to be installed maven-resolver-impl-1.7.3-150200.3.4.14.noarch”. Yet, if I go into “Yast Control Center”, “Software Repositories”, the only one of the default list of “Community Repositories” which I don’t have active, is “Untested Updates”.

What’s missing?

There is already a bugreport for it


Thanks for letting me know!

I also agree that this is a serious issue for the entire Java stack.
the missing dependency maven-resolver-named-locks does show up on some repos but not for LEAP 15.4
I notice that it does show up on SUSE SLE-15-SP2 repo …
Did anyone tried to simply port this into the correct LEAP 15.4 repo ?

Thanks to the folks that fixed this problem!