MATLAB and xorg-x11-fonts missing

Hello people,

I had problems with plots in MATLAB, under openSUSE 11.0. The problem is described in detail here, but basically it was due to the fact that the package xorg-x11-fonts was not installed during the default installation.

Now Steve (from MATLAB support) and I are wondering if this is a bug, or it is done on purpose:

If you went through the normal installation process for openSUSE and this
package was not installed, could you please contact the maintainers of
openSUSE and ask if this behavior is expected (i.e. the package is optional)
or a bug (the package should have been installed but wasn’t)? If you didn’t
go through the normal installation process (you or your system administrator
“customized” the installation) you might want to add this package to the
list of packages you install by default. Thanks.

Steve Lord

Is it possible that this package is not included in the Live CD version, which is the one I installed?
Or it is not installed even in the DVD?

Many thanks for your answer, I’ll report it to the MATLAB support, too.