mate-terminal - almost invisible menu

menu text color is white.
TraditionalGreen theme is used.](

Anyone know please how to make text readable ?

Although I’m not currently running mate-terminal,
I’ve run into the problem you describe from time to time in the past with other terminals.

If these are the current defaults in a MATE installation, pls submit a bug to

I’ve found 2 ways to address the problem…

  • Click on the icon to access the terminal properties which can vary depending on the Window Manager installed and running. Typically, the icon in the top left or right can work but YMMV. Within the dropdown there might be a menu selection to change the color scheme of the terminal’s fonts including its color coding.
  • Modify the Desktop’s background. This won’t likely affect the color coding in the text itself but will change the colors used in various Desktop objects including the Window “Chrome” (eg title bars at top, bottom or around each Window).


I’m sorry I can’t login to bugzilla now (I could login in the past)

It was caused by browser, it’s solved now.