(mate) screen locks when lid closed - set to go blank

I always set the screen to go blank when laptop lid closes. The settings don’t work. Screen still locks when lid closes. Anyone else have this issue? Seems like a bug to me.

Unrelated, tried to watch a movie from my WD 2tb passport the other day when the power went out, and the player froze, and after that the computer OS would not see the HD even after several reboots. Several days later, (no updates done), it sees the HD and works fine.

I’m hoping that Open Suse has improved enough to match or exceed Mint and Ubuntu in stability and access to applications. Previous testing on earlier versions was very disappointing. I’m looking at migrating since Mint 20 has become slow and glitchy, unable to do two functions at a time.

Nothing, except HD video, has improved since Ubuntu 8.10 in my opinion. I could open 5 video players, all at the same time and all would play without any problem for as long as I wanted along with any other file operations I wanted to do. I play music 24hrs 365days a year without shutting down the computer when the OS is stable. Haven’t been able to do that since Mint 17.3. Just saying.

Thanks for any help,BT