MATE Desktop 1.2

Hi all,

I’ve moved my first experiments with MATE Desktop to another repository, GNOME:Cinnamon:MATE for further development and integration; I would like to state the following:

  1. The Base packages of MATE build successfully;
  2. We have builds for 12.1 and Factory;
  3. The basic integration should be done, though futher integration is required, but hopefully the software should be usable;
  4. We need testers and proper bug reports

What we can expect:

  1. A working MATE Desktop (not upstream stuff…)
  2. I’m not adding the applications forks (ex: GEdit, etc), MATE on openSUSE will use GNOME3 applications;
  3. Basic functionality.

Feel free to install MATE around and do proper bug reports… The more decent testing we have, the greater the implementation will become!

ABOUT WISHLIST AND FEATURES: If there’s not a feature you would like… don’t bother asking, just make the package and submit it… Currently implementation and stabilization are far more important than useless forks of applications or candy stuff… I will package everything once we have a stable and reliable implementation… until then… we have what we have :slight_smile: (be happy that it’s != “”)

Hey ketheriel, cheers.

Question: can I install MATE next to GNOME3 (and KDE and XFCE and LXDE and RazorQT )?

Yes it should be OK. Now, there’s a few things:

  1. Install out of the box gives you blank panel (add manually the widgets);
  2. If you can’t login and get a smurfed session error, then make sure /etc/mateconf/* has the right permissions (0775 for directories and 0644 for files), this is currently the big issue with MATE on openSUSE, half of it should be fixed already, but I havent tested it yet (running Factory and factory builds are delayed);
  3. If you use components from other stuff, ex: (mutter or metacity as window manager), their configurations are done in the respective place… this to say, if you use ‘marco’ (WM for MATE) you have settings in mate; if you use metacity, then you need gconf-editor to change it’s settings… If you use mutter, then you need dconf-editor, etc etc…

I’ve built MATE with metacity (the one from openSUSE) so that we can use Compiz that Kai’s working on (feature ? :=) ). If you want to swap to ‘marco’ or mutter or any other… then just launch ‘mateconf-editor’ (mate-conf-editor package) and change ur settings…

We don’t have fancy integration (yet) but will happen :slight_smile:

Congrats Ketheriel, glad to see that Mate is coming to openSUSE. Should i close my Fate request about this ? :slight_smile:

You have that many desktops installed ? :slight_smile:

I believe that I fixed the bug preventing the session to start normally, so after this rebuild, I expect that installs actually work; People can test whenever they want :slight_smile: