Mate dependencies

When updating mate recently it wanted to pull in samba-client[32 bit]
because of the file manager update. My question is WHY? I’m not using
anything that requires the use of samba. And why the 32 bit version on a
64 bit install. There should not be this dependency in mate file manager.

mate-file-manager can handle Windows shares and network browsing, so it requires the traditional samba clients (e.g. nmblookup), that’s the reason why that dependency is there. Why it’s there it’s also simple, because the vast majority of the users will want that feature working.

By the way, the dependency isn’t declared for 32bit, it’s a normal dependency by package name; if the system is picking up the 32bit package instead of the 64 bit one, then something isn’t working properly there, maybe zypp configuration ?

Yes, but those who need to access Windows shares will have samba-client already installed. IMO, it should be a suggested but not a required package.

The current repository has been updated and currently has builds for all upstream packages, except for the following which are not ready yet:

[li]gnome-main-menu (the slab thing we are porting, announce);[/li][LIST]
[li]libslab (we’re looking into killing this dependency, might not happen for 1.6, only time will tell);[/li][/ul]


While I recon it’s a wise opinion, at the current moment I really love to have everyone testing as much code as possible so we can improve the MATE 1.6 release and hopefully try to include it on oS:Factory.

When 1.6 is stabilized and we’re ready for a real kick off, I’ll promiss I’ll split the samba package and make it optional (if I forget, feel free to open a bug report to remind me).