Master Volume Slider - Does nothing

I’m having a problem with opensuse 11.1 regarding sound. After the initial install from the live CD, The master slider volume control in the taskbar works fine and controls volume. Once I start adding in the updates, codecs, flashplayer, and all of the goodies, it has no control over volume.

I can watch a movie in Mplayer and can control volume via the application. With videos on YouTube the volume in flashplayer works as well. I’ve followed a few threads in the forums for sound but see nothing that addresses my specific problem. I’m not running anything other than openSUSE on this box. My box is a HP Compaq d330 Intel Business Desktop PC - Intel Celeron 2.4GH, 512MB DDR, 40GB HDD, DVD-ROM. The sound card comes out as an Intel ICH 5.

Thanks for any assistance in this matter. This problem also occurred with Ubuntu 8.10 but I came back to openSuse hoping it was a distro issue.

Are you tried to change the volume for another channel in the mixer (PCM, Front)? Maybe it works with other channels.

I had the same thing happen to me on my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card. I had to use the PCM sliders in the mixer to control my sound level. So I swapped sound cards and put in my Audigy 2 card instead, and got no sound at all.

It was at this point that I realized that having to open the mixer and use the PCM slider to control the sound is much better than having no sound at all.

Eventually, for other reasons, I did a re-install and the problem went away. So I think it is fixable, I’m just not sure exactly how.

You might try going into YAST / Hardware / Sound Card and deleting the current configuration and re-configuring. This might do the trick, and is usually the first thing to try in this situation. HTH.

I guess I should re-title my thread to - Sound problem due to guy tried everything except PCM front to control volume. That seemed to do the trick. It’s still puzzling why the volume worked right after the fresh install until adding in codecs, flashplayer, and other programs. That’s the fun of linux and why I enjoy the challenge so much.

Thank you folks for your assistance. Hopefully the next thread I post won’t be such an easy fix. Should have figured that out myself. Thanks again.

Happy Holidays!