Mass Storage over IP Networks: iSCSI & iSNS?

I have two extra PC’s using Leap; 1st) 5 extra HD’s (2xSSDs, 2xHDs, 1xExternal 10TB MyBook), 2nd) 3 HD’s and my goal is to use them as a Storage / VM’s devices in which my main MX Linux OS will use to create VM’s via hardware passThrough using KVM.

My question is, can I install on one of the Leap Servers both the iSCSI LIO and iSNS? My MX Linux will be the only iSCSI Initiator.


Just read on the Storage Guide:

Note: iSNS and iSCSI on the Same Server iSNS can be installed on the same server where iSCSI target or iSCSI initiator software is installed. Installing both the iSCSI target software and iSCSI initiator software on the same server is not supported.

Therefor I have another question, will installing iSNS on a Leap Pi4 cause any problems?