Marking Desktop feature.

Hi there. This is probably not really related to booting or logging in, but something with the desktop itself.
On Win* you can easily save stuff on your desktop and -more importantly- mark stuff on your desktop for selection. This is one feature that I actually miss.

Magic Question: Is there a way to change the default behavior there?


Guess you’re using KDE4 then, if so:
Rightclick desktop
Unlock widgets
Rightclick desktop
Add widgets
Filter on “Folder”
Doubleclick on “Folder view”
Close widgets adding screen
Scale Folder view plasmoid to fit the entire desktop

Think that’s the behavior you’re after, although ‘selection’ isn’t really clear to me… so please do provide more info if those steps don’t get you the result you wanted.

And indeed, the applications forum would have been a better place to post.

Thank you, Axeia.

One question though: If I apply the previous steps - won´t the plasmoid make my desktop background blurry? I´d like to be able to actually make a selection like in Win. Click, (marking box appears) and select. If the plasmoid makes my screen blurry… how to change for a clear view?


If you’re not a fan of KDE4 plasmoids you can have exactly the same kind of desktop as in windows.

Right click on desktop → Desktop settings → under “Desktop Activity” select “Folder View”.

Since in KDE single-click is enabled by default you’ll find it difficult to select icons on desktop.

To enable double click to open and single click to select, go to Configure Desktop → Keyboard & Mouse → Mouse → Select “Double click to open files and folders” under Icons.

One word: AWESOME. rotfl!

Thank you very much!