Marketeers.... meet Neuromarketing!

Your brainwaves betray what you really think about brands and their products – and marketeers want to tune into them

No one is getting in my brain or measuring my waves… Hell will have to freeze over! How much I hate marketeers, oh you have no idea! Lying manipulative ****, thinking they have some “special” right

Surely this is breach of personal privacy at the deepest core? Thought monitoring much? as if thought police isn’t enough

Innovation: Market research wants to open your skull - tech - 19 March 2010 - New Scientist

Technology miss-use … come on repeat slowly so it sinks in “T E C H N O L O G Y M I S S - U S E”. I just saw last week how some countries are allowing marketing cmpy’s to use facial and spatical recognition software to quickly analyse small crowds of people, measure how long they view a subliminal array of images to determine what to display as ads tailored to what reactions people give off. In this way the public can be unconsciously programmed to desire, shop, and buy. The reports said that over the 3 to 4 month test cycle, impulse buy was increased by over 45%. Interviews with some of the test subjects revealed that when a subject had a desire for the ad product but could not afford to acquire it there was feelings of aggitation and depression.

Seems there was an international agreement about mind manipulation and other brainwashing as being a banned cruel torture. Now we have marketers going down the same path that governments and responsible scientists have denounced.

Where will it stop!

Most people would agree with you, but the marketers will package it with a “free” or indisposable product that everyone must have, and the masses will come running. Google anyone? Facebook?

> Where will it stop!

it is Nineteen Eighty-Four all over again!

if you have not, i highly recommend all read the 1949 book (and not
just this article about the book):


Well, that’s a bit different, isn’t it? It’s one thing to jump on services like Failbook and Google, which arguably have some form of privacy protection, and it’s another thing to get into the minds of people to see what they really think but don’t want to say (or say something else instead) and they can’t even resist it (put on the tinfoil hat to protect from “wave scanners”? Like that’s gonna work). This neuromarketing stuff goes way deeper than Failbook or Google. It is a pure violation at the deepest core of a human person. It can leave scars as ugly as those left by rape and similar and control is transferred over to others on a much deeper level, not you

There is absolutely nothing anyone can offer me that will make me consider giving him a free pass to my mind and thoughts, just because he wants to promote and capitalize his cr@p. And as the saying goes, those who give up privacy for a bit of freedom deserve neither privacy nor freedom.