[Mark Please] WikiGen: is the project needed

Currently, many wiki is overloaded. Pages of wiki’s could contains many information, for example: KDE, GNOME, XFCE users. It separate information for different kind of person by sections, many times frames with special style applied, etc.
But what if we can do better?
WikiGen is my (very simple, because I still learn how to programming) page-generating-system, which aims to hide unnecessary information. It is based on uri’s hash element. When we load page or change hash, it read tags from hash and rebuild page on client-side. Thank to that, you can create “how to install” page (for example for node), which will check viewer using Windows,Linux or MacOS. Another example is how to use ssh - here you also can check OS type (given in link already only).

Look at this:

In future I will provide more extended conditions support and add GUI to configure, which tags should be active. I think, you can also integrate this with OpenSUSE wiki - for example to different show tutorials for KDE/GNOME/XFCE users (for example - showing only related images).
I also wait for any help with creation of this project, for example with design form to selects enabled/disabled tags.

Sorry, I do not known why I pushed some files to submodule. Now tests are part of main git module.