[Mark need] GUI Configuration System

GUI configuration system is my first flatpak-related project.

The idea is to create secure way to configure basic daemons, like apache2. I wrote simple script, which allow to type packages, which program will modify and to select flatpak runtime. Script will extract files from tar archive, check packages and flatpak data. In next step it will asks user to confirm operation. In next step it invoked program delivered with tar archive in flatpak sandbox. This program will change config. In last step, we use diff to show differences made by config tool. If user agree, we copy modified file (currently we don’t do this, because I need to test this tool and need to ask you to test it).

Currently tool is too simple. We don’t allow to deliver many executable (one for GUI-32bit, one for GUI-64bit, maybe for other arch and for CUI/CLI of course). I will change it in future.

Program uses flatpak and kdialog. In future I will add zenity and dialog support.

I know this tool is no distro-agnostic, but I decided to made writing programs and using it as simple as possible. Maybe in future, I define custom configuration system and allow distro vendors to write script to convert from/to this configuration system. Some services have configuration system no distribution-dependent. And yes… There’s gnu guix. Package manager, configuration system and OS, which could be distro agnostic.


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Project looks useful :slight_smile: thank you for your work. Gave you a star on github.