March 2015 Screenshots

openSUSE 13.2, Gnome 3.14, Greened up Faba icon suite + Moka icons, Elegance colors GS theme.

OpenSUSE 13.2, KDE 4.14.5, Icons: Numix-Circle, Conky theme: Metro.

Xfce 4.12 on openSUSE 13.2.
It’s now available in the openSUSE x11 xfce repo.](](

I was inspired by your panel on the left. I know it isn’t very original but still …

How’ s the screen tearing in 4.12, any better?

I don’t play games here so I can’t tell.
I can see tearing when using graphics applications such as
blender, draftsight and sketchup. The tearing happens inside the
application window if I leave it to sleep without closing the application.
When waking-up the machine, the tearing occurs but this is happening in all DE
(KDE, e19, gnome and xfce).

I’ve been playing around with Trinity the last few days. I never experienced kde3, so it’s been quite exiting to me. I tried the default setup at first but have now switched out the window manager, Konsole, and Konqueror for their Kde4 equivilents. I am very much enjoying it currently.

I actually like this shot, its a mix of the old and the new.

Anyhow here is my highly customized gnome shell desktop:](

The only thing I don’t like with mine is there isn’t much space for the Time & Date. I don’t want to widen the panel.

Well, why not just set it to analog.

I did that, but I need to change the colors and/or background of the clock face. Currently it is a dark clock with dark hands on a dark background.

I might not be the most advanced linux user out there but blumming heck this has to be a candidate for one of the nicest looking GUIs out there lol

Had to shrink them because I couldn’t figure out how to add a spoiler. If anyone would be kind enough to tell me how I can do that in the future I’d buy them a christmas present this year :wink:

openSUSE 13.2 KDE, Excalibur and ghost-deco themes

I am amazed that this layout has lasted so long for me. Usually I keep changing things and changing things and now that I am using a desktop environment that is flexible (unlike the Gnome shell (other than extensions) and Unity). Go figure.

But I love seeing what everybody else is doing… gives great ideas.

I think the hardest thing for me is finding themes and elements (fonts, icons, etc.) is daunting… there are so many out there!

Eventually, however, I’ll swithc to another of my wallpaper collections (maybe even “Spring” to help things along :wink: )

No idea if I’m doing this right. First time ever posting here on Opensuse forum. KDE 4 with plasma 5 theme, because reasons :expressionless: also, gandalf cat

openSUSE 13.2 with Gnome-shell, and some extensions…](