March 2009 Screenshot Thread

Heres mine](
KDE 4.2 oxyglass theme



Opensuse 11.1, KDE 4.2, Glassified theme and Brooklyn Bridge background.

I presume you mean KDE 4.2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely wallpaper, where was that taken?

Yes 4.2 the desktop is the west coast of Ireland i believe


No way! I need to look that place up Looking at his location entry
I’ll be laughing now if this is less than an hour away from where I live. Any specifics on this location?

No specifics but i’m pretty sure
If you google for ireland west coast you will find a lit of similar pics](

Xfce4.6 final](

KDE4.2 with slim glow and the top task bar has stask from weather is customize weather](](](](](

Nice, er, use of colours there caf, care to share? ;).

Not sure I understand what you want Growbag?
Clarify please

I think it’s Oregon Coast.

I meant the wallpapers.](
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Switched back to KDE3 for the time being, and have been playing with the “Crystal” window decorator theme.

I never realised it had so many options.

PS. Don’t ask me why the thumbnail above doesn’t appear anymore, it used to work!

OK, after several edits it now appears ö_Ö

For Growbag](](

Thanks caf :slight_smile:

KDE 4.2, Theme is elegance](](
My Oxygeny Gnome :slight_smile:

Siminin, Can you tell me which icon theme are you using, please? and where to get it from?:slight_smile: