Mapping tool

I wish to create a mapping tool which has moving map,zoom capabilities,adding waypoints through mouse and keyboard,move up,down etc.All this must be based on cache.What approach shall be taken.I will be using GTK/pyGTK or pygame or VPython.Any suggestions.

I’ll give you 10/10 for persistence… :wink:

Your questions seem really generic. Kind of how long is a piece of string questions, but to the real stuff…

This doesn’t seem to be written with any gui bindings(Disclaimer I can’t read c/c++ for toffee). I’m really not sure what you’re asking for but I do know of an app that is open source and has the bits you want, it seems to be sending the waypoints but I’ve not seen them implemented.

Big Flashing red disclaimer. Not for navigational use Atlas - The FlightGear mapping utility

So now the disclaimer is over, this app actually plugs into flightgear and produces a map from the scenery data points. It also has an live map and it uses NMEA I have very little understanding of this. If I got this correct when sniffing the packet has, $GMPRC and $GPGGA. So how that relates to your usage I don’t know, it seems to be written in c/c++(Yep I can’t tell the difference) with opengl. I see no gui bindings but guess transposing to a binding is one for a coder and not a novice like me.

Hopefully that lot will help you. The code to browse is at the site I suspect the map component will be the largest and also not particular relevant though perhaps partially. You will be more interested in the Atlas side of things.

when you say “mapping tool” what do you mean?

-to draw maps from overhead images?

-to lay out a navigation route on an existing (paper) road map or
aeronautical/sea chart?

-plot a flight plan for Starship Enterprise?

-to interface with google maps for some purpose?

i’m with Feather Monkey on this, the range of unknowns here is just so
staggering i wouldn’t know how to try to answer which approach you
should take to impose a self created “mapping tool” on a cache (like,
a cache of WHAT: a cache of ancient Egyptian papyrus maps of the
Valley of The Kings?)


I will be more specific now.
By mapping i mean something which will store maps into cache or some database,mark waypoints on it,add dynamic waypoints by using mouse click,keyboard.Show current location,which i will be knowing through a wireless connection.All this to be real time and without internet connection.Thanks for replying.


maybe you are searching for something like QMapControl

I don’t know if this fits for you, but it sounds like you are searching for something similar than this.

Hope this helps