Map Network Drive in OpenSuse 13.2


I am new to OpenSuse 13.2.
I am moving from a Ubuntu and Linux Mint nightmare.

I want to Map A Network Drive that I used to do in Ubuntu
Similar to

I also used to run an application called GADMIN to ensure my Computer is on the same HOME domain network and looking to network in the 192.168.1.xx space.

Is there an easy guide to do exactly this in OS13.2




you don’t mention which desktop you are using – KDE, GNOME, Xcfe, whatever.
Also, do you wish to have a permanent Windows directory map or, is an on-the-fly mapping sufficient?

Regardless, the first step is to start the Administrator YaST tool:

  • Go to "Network services
    ", and choose “Windows Domain Membership”.[LIST]
  • Join your Windows Domain(s).

Proceed further with the documentation available in “ActiveDoc”:

I am using KDE since GNOME is a bit too much for me.
I did the Windows Domain membership and I can now see my NetworkServer folders using WEBDAV

I would like to have a permanent folder which will directly link to my server as shown in the Ubuntu guide here.


Hi (from another time-zone) :wink:
since you are using KDE, the usual way to access files is with “Dolphin” and, within Dolphin if you right-click a Windows share you can add that share to your list of “Places”.
Then, something magic happens – for example, start LibreOffice (the whole Office suite, or any of the components such as Writer) and simply click “Open file”:You will notice that on the left hand pane (“Places”) your Windows share has appeared.

Furthermore, you can managed your list of Windows shares in Dolphin – in the left-hand pane right-click the Windows share “Place”:Now you can edit that “Place” entry:

The name which appears in the list of “Places”;
The “Place” itself: for example “smb://mybookworld/Public/”
The icon – there’s a list of system symbols for “Places”: “network-server”, “network-server-database”, “repository”, and so on . . .