Many kio_http processes

I just installed opensuse 11.2 today and I noticed that I have many kio_http processes running. On a fresh boot, I have 11. I’ve noticed one time there were about 40+ of them running. They all have the same parent (kdeinit4).

Is this normal?

Did you notice if the “Updater Applet” (that updates the software) was active that time?
(Keep the cursor on the icon in the system tray and a tooltip text will appear).

When I booted up opensuse for the first time, I got a bunch of popup errors from the updater applet. That could’ve been the cause of it that first time with 40+.

I did find out what was causing 7 out of the 11 on a fresh boot: plasmoid-cwp. When I deleted that, I started out with 4.

This morning I woke up and there were 120+ kio_http’s running! I’ll delete plasmoid-cwp and make sure that’s what’s causing these.

Yea, plasmoid-cwp has to pick up weather information from the net. Anyway, I don’t use it :wink: (I am not that weather-crazy!)

Yup, it was cwp. I replaced it yesterday with yawp (yeah, I’m a weather freak, haha) and I only have 4 kio_http’s today.