Many ghc packages

I meant I guessed (I dont know anything in concrete about it) jupyter… uses this stuff in some concrete cases, then I need to decide if to uninstall python310-pandocfilters. I have jupyter notebook instaled for long and now is the first time those recommends ones appear.
But if I use --no-recommends on zypper dup, pandoc-cli, python310-pandocfilters (I removed it), python310-nbconvert, and all the ghc… get released from the lists.
Then, until now, I couldn’t find out what package ignites the chain reaction.

Finally I ran:

sudo zypper dup --no-recommends

Everything was fine, and after that a new dup without that flag. It didn’t try to install anything else so everything is ok now.
Thanks you so much for your advice. Have a good day guys.