Manually Restarting PCMCIA

Does anyone know how to manually restart PCMCIA services (11.2 Gnome)?

I have had success using s2ram for suspend but I need to configure pm-utils in order to use battery power management.

After screen dim the PCMCIA cards are no longer detected but I think there must be ways using terminal and/or hooks to restart the services and reactivate them.

Does pcmciautils figure in this?

IMO this has nothing to do with gnome but is a problem with suspend2ram. I have the exactly same issue with a Huawei E620 PCMCIA card under OpenSuse 11.1 - KDE3.5. Every time the notebook goes to sleep you can actually do only one thing: pull out the card, plug it in and open in yast the modem recognition. (Useless to say that it wont dial either in a freshly booted system if you do not exactly the same procedure). After this you have 2 possibilities (at least on my machine):
a) the system freezes and you reboot (1% of cases). The card dials (99% of cases). Primitive…but works for me.
Good luck and I will follow eagerly if you find a solution.

Thanks for the reply!

I agree my problem is with Power Management e.g. suspend, screen dim etc.

But from what you say your modem card doesn’t work after a reboot either so I am not sure if your problem is the same as mine, at least from my understanding of what you said.

With s2ram I can suspend and resume with all services, although there is no login prompt for security. (Suspend to RAM - openSUSE - the package name in webpin is ‘suspend’ for openSUSE)

If I use Power Management features like screen dim and don’t manually s2ram -f suspend then I can’t get PCMCIA services back by unplugging the PCMCIA card as you do.

My PCMCIA cards are:- a) USB ports card and b) FireWire ports card.

I can’t find anything in Yast to restart the PCMCIA cards in the same way you can for your modem card. But unplugging/replugging the cards does get them to show up on the System Monitor which is the first step maybe.

If only I could discover the terminal command to restart the USB/FireWire services provided by the PCMCIA cards… :\

No, after reboot my PCMCIA card generally works always. Very rarely, if you do not power off it may have trouble to wake up, but then (since it is a modem card) if you do modem recognition in yast, you get it to work. I actually described the procedure without login out or rebooting. Just doing it while the system runs.

You could try the following (since PCMCIA cards are (since they are not express cards) generally simply adapters running throught the USB interface of your laptop. Try to install the programm powertop from the repositories(and since you are there the programme yakuake for comodity of use). So open a console (or F12 with Yakuake) and type su - and then after password “powertop”. Follow the instructions and disable the usb to sleep function. It should be actually be possible to deactivate the thing permanently but I have not present the info on how and where.

Good luck and I hope you get it fixed somehow. I am living with my 3.5 and 11.1 bugs because I know them and wait up to december in the hope the whole KDE generational update weathers out. Then probably the newer kernels will handle much better powersaving functions and cpu states and also the powerdevil function is expected to improve. Ah, logical, you use Gnome, so even then there will be a new version… there is hope.

One tip. If everything other fails, try one thing that works for me also as good as opening network devices under yast. If you open yast and click on hardware info, it may well be that by checking the components one by one the system might wake up.

(All this is terrible “prehistoric stoneage” ways of doing of course, but what can you do about it. One has to adapt to ones limitations. lol!