manually mounting encrypted partitions (help)

I’ve been googling and searching for a couple of hours, I guess I’ll just ask - what’s the terminal command to mount an encrypted partition in 11.1? Is there a better way to mount at runtime (KDE3)? I think I can unmount with:

umount /dev/sdc1

…or is there a trick to unmounting an encrypted partition?

Also, should I remove:

/dev/mapper/cr_sdd2 /SCRATCH-RAID10 ext3 acl,user_xattr,noauto 0 0

…from fstab to ensure no asking for password at boot time?


I just realized this isn’t going to work because only root mounts partitions. I guess I need to create a large encrypted file that the user can mount as an encrypted partition (I saw that somewhere in all this searching I’ve been doing).