Manjaro KDE Vs openSUSE tumbleweed: another stab at openSUSE

Okay last time I was here I had some bad things to say about openSUSE.
I got really mad and I threw openSUSE into the garbage.
But time has passed, and now opportunity knocks as Plasma 5 has finally become good.
Manjaro offers a great KDE experience and in the past openSUSE has been the king of KDE.
Then plasma 5 happened and it was back to being quite garbage again, though to be fair plasma 5 was really crappy on any distro I used it on.
I have been keeping an eye on plasma 5 and as of 5.6.1 it has finally reached the point of me finding it usable,
Both manjaro and openSUSE tumbleweed should be about equal here and probably a far more fair comparison than my last try at openSUSE.
Both will be running 64bit and both be using the same apps and setup.
hopefully this will go better as i would really like to have openSUSE back in my deck in case ubuntu or Manjaro go sour again

I thought you had over-reacted.

But time has passed, and now opportunity knocks as Plasma 5 has finally become good.

Yes, it has improved a lot since Leap 42.1 was originally released.

Anyway, welcome back – assuming that you do return to opensuse.

Well minor snag, seems kernel 4.5 for me didnt work so well.
I was getting a weird keyboard glitch.
Not blaming openSUSE for that one, better blame Microsoft for that one as thats the brand of my keyboard (sorry!)
I did try leap again, but its KDE 5.5 but the challenge isnt off yet as I know there is a community repo.
I have some toying to do but leap does feel much better now, it was a real trainwreck as far as its KDE was concerned.
The challenge shall start tomorrow or so.

Well drat i kind of borked my opensuse by attempting to do my own update of KDE.
Thats my fault but I do hope that plans are in motion to put KDE Plasma 5.6 into leap, it would be a shame not to have the stability it offers.
I had some minor issues with Plasma 5.5 but I dont want to bias the comparison.
So challenge delayed a little, again some issues on my end not the fault of openSUSE here.
Will keep an eye out and will be back soon, dont worry this will happen I just got to make some adjustments on my end.
Not trolling here, I do want an honest shot but am having some minor issues not related to the distro