Mandriva 2010 kicks some major arse

Wow, testing Mandriva 2010 and I am utterly amazed by it.
openSUSE looked to be my distro for the next 6 months but Mandy 2010 looks to be a even bigger win for me.

KDE 4.3 seemsmuch more stable in Mandy, so far no crash.
I will see how this thing goes and if it lasts me a bit then I might make it my new distro, the mandriva team might have upstaged openSUSE by a mile with this one…
My big concern is updates, I hope they stay on the ball for updates.
Old mandrivas had issues keeping up to date.

11.2 since launch GM and still not a single KDE crash here so I wonder where you’re pulling the instability from.

It might be hardware, I am not entirely sure where to pin it down.
For fun I might try Kubuntu see how that works out.

Go with what works! Thats what I do.

an optimist I assume.

Mandriva has a terrible support community from what I’ve heard… Can’t comment on the distro itself since I haven’t used it but so far heard mostly good things, with exception of their urpmi stuff which tends to be slow

Not one single KDE crash here either. Not on standard 11.2, not on KDE4 4.3.3. Nor on the machines in an office network I manage. They went from 10.3 to 11.2, and are completely wild about 11.2 and KDE4, mainly about speed and stability. Their overall experience is 11.2 being about twice as fast on the same machine.

@Taralkeda: make your life a bit easier. A ‘take a look at the new Mandriva’ would have been enough. It does not get better or worse by disqualifying other things. No matter whether it’s openSUSE, Ubuntu or what else.

I very much love Mandriva 2010 my selves.
Especially I love how everything feels finished, I’m especially thinking about the main theme witch follows from boot to power off.

The control panel/settings manager in Mandriva is the best I’ve ever seen, where Yast is a mess drakconf shines…

It feels like mandriva has much more to offer for beginners and average users, while opensuse really has allot to offer for advanced users…

If I where a advanced user I would probably go with OpenSuse for total control trough Yast, but as I’m average I’ll stick with Mandriva.

I like them both allot though, both are two of the best KDE distributions I’ve ever tried :slight_smile:

I tried Mandriva 2010 for about a month and I really liked it.

I also found their forums to be very helpful.

I still like openSUSE and openSUSE forums better.

To be fair to them, the supposed problems (hostility, difficulty getting answers… etc) are restricted to the English forums.

From what I’ve heard, the French ones are fine.

where Yast is a mess

I have seen this comment before from others. I do not understand it. I find YAST to be pretty straight forward and quite usable.

Maybe it’s just me.

Big Bear

It might not just be you, I don’t think so.,., In my work I’ve spoken to plenty who use Open Suse and find Yast to be excellent piece of software, I my selves feel lost in yast, there’s to many choices and to many ways to do things… This must be heaven for advanced users I imagine, however for me that is barely a medium user (if theres something even called that) it’s a mess.

I admire OpenSuse as a distribution, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make it less than it actually is. Maybe they should have a options the first time you run Yast “Do you want to enable advanced features now ?” and then filter away the real advanced stuff (that you never need as a beginner) for those answering no ??

It seems to me that OpenSuse tries to make to much available, it’s like ordering pancakes and ending up with 5 courses meal

Personally I love Mandriva as a distro and the Forum is great in my opinion. Still I have to leave Mandriva with 2010 because of some major bugs/flaws. Therefore I am running Open Suse for the first time now.

I cant compare’em since my time with O.S. is to short and I would say that pretty much is luck considering your needs, your hardware contra the distro.

I’ll stick to O.S. as long as no bigger problems occur. So far pretty good I’d say, but I havn’t begun with heavy file works (trying to familiar myself with all new stuff).

Glad to hear though you have good experience with 2010 - I think we all need thoose big distros even if we don’t run’em.


(11.2 x86_64 Gnome, AMD 4850 @ 3.0, nvidia FX 570)

No its not just you. I find YaST incredibly useful. IMHO its one of the best things about openSUSE.

When ever I try out another distribution, one of the things I find severely lacking (from my perspective) in most other distributions is no central tool as good as YaST.

I think YaST is great.

Mandriva may be the easiest to use distro because of its mandriva control center, but you will see that compared to other big distros mandriva is just kool-aid.I been using mandriva for a year, and talked with those who had for 3-4 years, and they agree.

I personally find opensuse the best because i had it with the distro and the english speaking community (if the french people knew what was going on at the english one…)

but mandriva treats englishspeaking people as an minority anyways

with all their stupid corporate moves, spend the little money they have on the stupidest things that are wasteful, but they somehow can’t die even in this economy.

What are you talking about?

As someone who switched to opensuse 11.2 after using Mandriva for 6 years I can still say that it’s a great distro. I haven’t used 2010 but 2009.1 was very good, 2009 not so good but only because of KDE4.1.

It really competes well with opensuse, the control centre applets are (with few exceptions) top notch. It has huge availability of software in its repos and the English lang support forums were always quite helpful and active.

I switched out of curiosity to see another distro (and liked what I saw luckily) and because the company behind Mandriva is very small and doesn’t seem to be going very well financially, so it’s uncertain how long they’ll stay around.

I Have taken a good look at the request of customers who wanted linux put on their machines, but suse was the hands down choice with the cofig i run they were able to play dvds and audio cds right away and i showed them that next to windows i can config most systems to be equal to the windows and showed how linux in the long run is cheaper to maintain, mandriva is nice but the support is lacking and did not compare to suse, with Novell and this forum i believe it is the best choice.

I can second that.

I’ll beat that: Yast is incredible !!!

I see *buntu’s, Fedora’s, Mandriva occasionally, know my way around in them, but Yast is one of the things that makes openSUSE beat all of them. Not to speak of the great atmosphere and attitude on the forum. Support to me has never been this good, this close.

About Mandriva: I don’t see a view, if there is any.