Mandatory disk check?

Has anyone been thinking about making a mandatory disk check when installing off the dvd or live cd (for advanced users possibility to turn it off via boot options) ?? It would at least show new users that the CD or DVD they burned is “faulty”.

The time it takes to perform the check is not trivial, for this reason it shouldn’t be mandatory.

Instead, maybe the default boot option should be disk check, instead of boot from hard drive.

Anyway, enforcing a check is a bad idea. At best, you’ve wasted a bunch of time that otherwise could have been spent evangelizing for
linux. I think bad burns are probably very rare. Especially if the same drive that burned the media was used to install it.

If anything, it should be easier to checksum the iso (for windows users that is).

do you mean the media check mentioned in the cd /dvd
it has to be done while installing and only once to see if cd/dvd media is ok.
if you mean the hard disk check it is better to check at defaults.particularly when other partitions like windows are mounted by fstab.
this distro provides dosfs check also unlike other linux distros.
leave it at default settings.

Verifying the iso md5sum is not the same as verifying the burn. The former verifies the source file integrity, the latter verifies each that each of the install images on the media were burned correctly.

I think that emphasising the disc check more would be beneficial because there are a significant number of users who post about installation problems on these forums and others, and it turns out the problem is a faulty disk. However, a mandatory disc check would be rather annoying, so I would suggest that one of the early steps in the installation is to ask the user whether they wish to perform a disk check (with an explanation of the value of this above), with the default answer being yes.

I couldn’t agree more

As we all know not every Windows users coming to Linuxare tech savvy (as we all know they don’t really have a choice in choosing the best OS, anyway Linux is completely different than Windows) so there should be some help for such users. Linux (openSUSE included) requires a bit CLI knowledge especially when something goes wrong :wink: So as it was stated making it the first step and not mandatory but default option is a good idea:)

I also agree, this is a very good idea. I’d like to see a clear, concise, short as possible, explanation of why and even how (apparently most of the free md5sum check programs for Windows run in the shell, which many users don’t know even exists). There are a lot of threads here due to not having checked the download or the burn, which have unnecessarily diverted valuable time.

nothing more to say :stuck_out_tongue:

So what would be necessary to “force” developers to include such tools or scripts in the next 11.2 ??

I hear you. Sooo many don’t do the media check:O

Let’s say present users with message that for the first time after burning the disk it is a VERY good idea to check it :slight_smile: If the disk check is positive You can skip subsequent checks :slight_smile:

Truth is that even having perfect CD/DVD writer does not guarantee that the image will get burned properly as the media disks (CD/DVD if someone doesn’t know) sometimes aren’t compatible too well with the writer (there are so many different combinations of writers and producers of disks (both LOW and HIGH quality) that it is sometimes true that certain CD’s or DVD’s don’t work well with certain writers. Just a thought from me, if someone want’s to add something feel free to correct me:)

err i don’t really get your problem now…
at the install of openSUSE there is already a whole STEP reserved which RECOMMENDS you to do a disk verification.

i thought we were talking about whether we would or would not consider ‘verify your install dvd’ as a routine answer for install issues or not.

That’s exactly what i mean, add it to the install routine.