Management of encrytpted drive and logging out

I have been using an encrypted partition on a data storage drive and have re built the drive to use the whole partition using Yast.

I have this so that the drive is not mounted on boot and to open it I have to select, enter the passphrase and enter root pw to mount. All OK so far but if I just log out and later log in again with my username I can immediately access the drive.

Is it possible to arrange for the passphrase to be required when at every log in ie. to be required again if I log out and log back in again?

I posted too soon. Having repeated what I did previously, this time I can open the drive but find it is set for root not for my use. How do I change this to make the drive once unlocked, open to me rather than root?

OK I have sorted the ownership question but I believe what I want is that when I log out I also umount the drive. In otherwise probably a service that will mount and umount my drive with login.
How do I set this up?