Manage WIFI networks

Hi, I was able to setup my WIFI connection using Yast. But my question is: how I’m supposed to manage connections? Is there any easy way to manage those networks from KDE? Or GNOME?


You’re using wicked to manage your network. Network Manager is what you want if you’re frequently changing networks. You can choose that via

YaST > System > Network Settings > Global Options… follow the prompts given

Read this guide as well

W hat you use is in fact for systems that are always connected to the same network with the same network device (cable or wifi). Like computer room or desktop systems. In other words the system manager (root) configures that for the rest of the system life.

What you seem to want is a situation where the system is mobile and has to connect to all sort of (mostly) wifi networks depending on the situation. And that managed by the end-user. That is delivered by switching to NetworkManager (the switching itself is done in YaST and all the other things you configured there are then ignored because NM takes the reins).

So decide what you system’s situation is.

Thanks! That’s working now.