Manage Cert's for multiple sub-domains?


I’m running Drupal and have muliple sub-domains. In testing with browsers I get the message a stating the "The server’s name “” doesn’t match the Cert name “server-name”… How do you create/manage Cert’s to handle sub-domains?

If they’re all subdomains to a single Domain, you can install a wildcard cert (most current browsers support wildcard certs, less common or older browsers won’t).

Otherwise, you need to install appropriate certs in any and all websites as necessary matching the CNs exactly.

Where do you place the Cert’s, in the root folder of the sub-domain for example:

| <—here?

Depends on specifics.
If you’re running a single Drupal site with numerous sub-sites within the same Drupal instance and if all sites are subdomains of the main domian then you install the wildcard certificate only once in the main Drupal site.

If you’re running individual Drupal instances (ie multiple separate installs) on the same box, then you should install a separate cert into each instance. These are general instructions for any and all deployments, not just Drupal. Drupal is a special type of “Framework” website which supports sub-sites within the same installed instance which may or may not be sub-domains of a main domain. I wouldn’t know whether you can install additional certs into sub-domains, but from what I know is highly unlikely.


Ok thanks tsu2!.. Appreciate your help!.. :slight_smile: