Making slideshow photo

I need software to make video slideshow from photos. It must able to add text, effect, and transition effect. What software that can fit my need?

I use kdenlive: PackMan :: Pacman - kdenlive

There is also a KDE4 version of kdenlive under developement: Packman - kde4-kdenlive

Other packages:
manslide: PackMan - manslide
mandvd: PackMan - mandvd
jDVDslideshow: PackMan - jDVDSlideshow
dvd-slideshow: PackMan - dvd-slideshow

To me for an amateur user mandvd is the perfect choice with it’s step-by-step procedure. Making a slide is just a matter of following a neat logical lane. I vote for it

I don’t know if it can add text or not, but I have used Digikam for making slide shows with transitions. They always come out nicely.