Making Flash Work

It seems that Flash is being used in widely nowadays, but on Linux systems, it usually freezes or even crashes the application using it. For example, while watching a show on Hulu using Chrome, I scrolled down, but the show stopped playing, and I then had to refresh the page. When Flash crashes on Firefox, I have to restart the entire application(and all 50+ of my tabs).

Also, when running either from the command line, I usually see a statement such as
“*** NSPlugin Viewer *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 (<unknown variable>) in NPN_GetValue()”
What does that statement mean?

My question now is what is the most robust way to make Flash work on Linux? Also, what is the most robust browser for viewing Flash videos?

openSUSE 11.3 64-bit
Flash 10(10, 0, 45, 2)

Thank you for your help.

Flash does work.
50+ tabs? Are you trying to tempt fate. I mean I guess it shouldn’t be a problem…but 50?

When I’m watching a video, I don’t tend to scroll around, but I just tried it, seems OK
This: "*** NSPlugin Viewer *** WARNING : Is normal it seems.

The only issues I am aware of for some are full screen, especially HD, for example youtube.

50+ tabs!? Do you really need so much? Do you have the same problems with only a few tabs (or one) open? How much RAM your PC have? What’s your video card and video driver version?

In three PCs here (two 11.3, one 11.2 and one 11.1, all 64 bit with nvidia graphics), flash is a hog but works, no segfaults or freezes. Flash version installed in oS 11.1 is version from update repo, which seems more recent than yours.

No problems with fullscreen, but HD flash (above 480p) will play smoothly only on dual core (or more) processors. It is jerky on a modern Sempron (with proprietary nvidia) or a not so modern celeron (with proprietary legacy ATI) and won’t even play in an atom with intel (cr*p) video…

11.3 _64

Just FYI
Fully up to date

I’ve also read in one of the threads here that there was a problem with fullscreen flash and intel graphics that was solved in a kernel update. Or was it upgrade? You could check this thread (if you have intel video, of course) and see if you should update/upgrade your kernel.

Thanks CAF. At least my last remaining 11.1 install is up to date regarding flash. I’ll miss 11.1 - or maybe evergreen will come to my rescue. Hope springs eternal. :slight_smile:

Just IMO. The Adobe people are doing an abominable problem supporting Flash on Linux… I see similar problems watching video highlights, in that case I don’t have to close down every FF instance, I only have to reload the page but none of the “advanced” features like sequential auto-loading of videos work which I think is what you’re also describing. As you describe, viewing in Full Screen exacerbates any problem.

Problem also is that like a number of other technologies Adobe has eliminated every possible way to report this to Adobe so someone might fix it (maybe they don’t really care?).

Yes, am fully updated on OpenSuSE, FF, and Flash.


watching video highlights
Agreed. It sucks.
I don’t know enough about this, but my guess it’s not so much down to Adobe but the site construction.

I wouldn’t blame the site construction too much.
Since it all works fine when you view running on Windows (both Firefox and IE), the integrity of the code is likely as specified by Adobe.

From what I’ve seen, the circumstantial evidence is very strongly the problem is the Linux Flash plug-in… and look at all the grief it’s causing in this forum, I count numerous threads related to Youtube and other sites that are likely all the same problem.

But, IMO the worst thing about any technology and company is when it’s impossible at worst, nearly impossible at best to even report a problem. What does it say about a company like Adobe that does this? Developers should vote with their feet when a technology is this poorly supported.

(Adobe is not alone. I was really irritated with Google about the same thing with their Google Talk plugin, too although that seems not to be totally ignored when people post in publicly viewable sites).


If you think about it, adobe has been kind enough to even consider making a plugin for Linux. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely abhor the flash technology, mainly because its poor performance and its almost complete dominance on the web, while much better options like html5 are left behind adobe’s shadow. But when you take a look at this
Operating system market share

you realize that we common desktop linux users are less than a minority, we have no voice and vote, and we should be happy when they decide to throw us a bone.

The shocking thing is, this is after the ubuntu revolution!!! where were we before that?

IMHO the Adobe 64bit plug-ins have always been problematic and not worth the trouble.
The i386 Chrome-beta with its integrated flash engine, works fine on x86_64 openSuSE. I only use Chrome for video and radio (BBC iPlayer). I use Firefox (for Zotero) and Konqueror with flash blocked for normal browsing.