Making an offline Packman repo

I’d like to make a local repo of Packman openSUSE 11.2 x86_64 repo. Should I download all of the following folders?
And what will be an approximate size of this download?

[DIR]	i586/	19-Feb-2010 12:25 	 -
[DIR]	noarch/	  18-Feb-2010 22:18 	-
[DIR]	nosrc/	  29-Oct-2009 19:44 	-
[DIR]	repodata/ 19-Feb-2010 12:32 	-
[DIR]	src/	  19-Feb-2010 12:25 	-
[DIR]	suse/     29-Oct-2009 19:53 	-
[DIR]	x86_64/	  19-Feb-2010 12:25 	- 

Just the rpms you want and then create a repository and check the box
‘plain rpm’ I would get the noarch and x86_64. Then use rsync to kepp
up to date.

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Thanks for quick reply.
So, I should download rpms from the i586/ folder right?
And when I will “get the noarch and x86_64”, these packages will be stored locally, also, right? :slight_smile:

If you want x86_64 it would be;

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OK, I will try it.

I want to do this. How big is the initial download?

I’ve found two russian websites offering the Packman Repo on DVD for 30 euros, but i’m too scared to buy it lol

Anyone found a ISO? Or have a local Repo that they could ISO for me so i can download one single file in a scheduled download overnight?

I’ve found two russian websites offering the Packman Repo on DVD for 30 euros, but i’m too scared to buy it lol

Whaaaa…??? Could you provide a link showing this most interesting offer, please?

Lafox.Net - Центр распространения свободного П.О. - Информация о “OpenSUSE 11.1 [x86_64] дополнения от PackMan DVD-DL”
= packman repo on DVD:

and - Buy openSUSE 11.2 Software Repository - 5 DVD Set (PC) US: $24 -
"The Complete openSUSE Software Repository. Includes all of the official repositories – oss, non-oss, and contrib – and the packman repository, the most popular third-part repository for openSUSE. In total, the 5 DVDs include over 19GB of software.

This DVD set allows you to install thousands of applications directly from the DVDs using Add/Remove Applications.

This is perfect for those with slower internet connections, or no connection at all.

Complete step-by-step setup instructions included on DVD #1.

Note: This DVD set will not install openSUSE on your computer. An install CD or DVD is required if openSUSE is not already installed. "

If someone can tell me where to download the ISO’s i would be so happy! I’m in south africa! Slow Slow Bandwidth

Am I the only one seeing one or two massive flaws in this “plan”?

I know of a few:

Out dated local REPO (not major - i want to take the discs on the road - several customer scenarios where they a) have no internet connectivity or b) way outdated (factory versions) and not enough time to do online update and c) my home PC - have internet at work only)
the advantages here outweigh the disadvantage of having say - a month old copy? I could download a new 6gb ISO at the end of each month say

The second is - I can probably try the Rsync thing, but they way our bandwidth is shaped, means its nearly impossible to rsync over it, HTTP downloads on huge files actually downloads pretty fast using a download manager

Of course, not updating every 1 or 2 days but only once a month (at least for packman repo) and maybe telling zypper to keep those packages for a a local copy (which could be used for other machines) is no “valid option”.

True, but i’m a road techie - i rarely hit the office - I’m on 3G HSDPA most of the time (helluva expensize in ZA) - great to VNC to the office, schedule a download, go pick it up physically next time i’m in the office…

Erm, the moment you tell zypper to keep packages, you already have your “offline repo” (as plaindir with RPMs). Only cleaning up is your own responsibility from then on.

I do appologise if i tread on toes - but just to clarify:
I am not here to argue over the methods, and many ways to achieve the same thing. I’ve thought this trough many times

What i need is a FULL local copy of PackMan and if possible the OpenSuse Repos at a later stage, to stick on a DL-DVD and carry around with me
Can we just leave it at that? Thank you

So my two questions remain unaswered:

If i were to do a RSYNC - how big would the initial download have to be? Also relevant - how much disc space should i allocate for this

If anyone knows where to download a ISO of the repo that would make my day

There is no “official” ISO of that repo, it would not make any sense as it changes rapidly.

The only ISOs you get (officially) are the ones containing the shipped versions of $DISTRO, as they are static and don’t change until EOL of that version. Anything else is handled by updates, the only “fully free” distros I know of making “updated ISO”-files are debian and IIRC CentOS on a more or less regular basis (every few months), because of their very long life time. SLES/SLED (and RHEL to name another “commercial” distro) also issue “service packs”, but these will not include 3rd-party Repos.

q2: Unofficial? :wink:

Q1: I’m placed at a client this week, they have a decent internet connection - but no Linux workstations and for security reasons i’m not allowed to plug in my notebook

Any idea on a windows version of rsync that works? Preferebly with a GUI?

peter6960 wrote:

> Any idea on a windows version of rsync that works? Preferebly with a
> GUI?
Google for “DeltaCopy” it is a windows gui for rsync.

Of course, just make your own and publish it for download.


I am not 100% sure about this, but pretty sure:

Forget rsync for that task, it won’t help you at all, rsync will help you by only downloading changes for $FILE.

What if $FILE will not change itself but will be replaced by $OTHERFILE (with a different filename due to a higher release number)?

This will happen for every package, there is never an update without at least changing the release version, so you will always have new files and old ones being deleted instead of “changed files” (which is what rsync is basically useful for), I don’t think rsync will handle that automagically.

True… Delta/Rsync would only be usefull for keeping it up to date

I installed DownThemAll in Firefox - browsed to the Repo in firefox. Then recreated a local directory structure, and downloaded the x86_64 and noarch directories to the local directories using DownThemAll (great plugin)

So now (business hours - as everyone is using the connection) i’m downloading 4681 files at 10Kbps … Should speed up to 100 - 200Kbps tonight

Anyone know how large it should be in total?

Every good ftp-client will tell you exactly how much it is when connecting via ftp instead of http.