Making an introduction

Hi, folks.

First post here. I’ve been using suse for my primary workstations since about 8.2 (15 years? Something like that, I think), but have never really gotten around to being very involved with the community online, though I’ve been lurking for ages. I’ve recently been convinced to be a bit more active, since I my background in ruby could be helpful in contributing to things like yast, or the build service, or a variety of other things in opensuse. Met some nice people on IRC, and I may be slowly chipping away at my worries about google’s long-term memory and just contributing more anyway instead of just lurking.

You can find things I’ve done at and on my personal website (which I really ought to put some more recent things on)

Have fun!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the community, pleased to have you on board. I am sure you will find this a friendly place, and look forward to your contributions.:wink:

Hey Chris!
Took a spin through your site and was intrigued by a few things…

  1. Because of a personal need, I found your “Gems within Gems” bit interesting.
    Wasn’t personally aware of your generic way of generating a Ruby based site, looks like what you describe generates HTML pages, could almost be called a Static Site Generator but you’re not using anything that’s actually titled. I just spent days (Yes, days!) updating my understanding of the Jekyll SSG (most recommended SSG for deploying to Github) overcoming one undocumented bug after another… And then eventually discovered that if I had just applied a working 3rd party theme I could have avoided all those jekyll and jekyll bootstrap bugs and been up and running in about 5 minutes. But, what you’re doing looks more generic and simpler. Will take at least a short look at what you describe, is your “gem within gems” slides complete enough I don’t have to search too hard for what might not be in your slides?

  2. Recommend you insert the presentation date and possibly location or organization of the presentation. I can guess for instance that your presentation decks were created late 2013, but might be more recent.

  3. Since you seem to have an interest in Ruby, you might find my Wiki article how to set up Ruby on openSUSE useful… I recommend and describe using rbenv to install Ruby from the official Ruby repos although you can certainly use Ruby from the OSS. My main customization which diverges from official rbenv documentation is that I describe installing rbenv so that it should support all Users on a machine while the official rbenv documentation describes setting up only for the logged in User. Even if you’re the only User on your machine, you might have occasions when you might want to, or need to run something with elevated permissions.

  1. We differentiate openSUSE (the FOSS product) from SUSE (Usually encompasses both SLES and SLED which are the paid products)… :slight_smile:

  2. There was a general discussion recently in the Development Forum not that long ago about Functional Programming… I bet you might have had (can still comment) on its value

  1. You may find other resources I’ve created useful… Some aren’t well maintained (particularly regarding Big Data and chrooting) but most everything is pretty current…
    Index to my Wiki articles
    Index to my more recent presentations

Welcome to the the Community!


Note that Chris is getting involved in Yast maintenance, I have found out.:wink:

That’s one place Ruby skills would be useful!