Making alsa the default sound system?

Hello, I was wondering how to make alsa the default sound system.

I remember this would be possible in the original kde control center under the sound options, but I can’t find any similar option in Yast.

The issue I’m experiencing is all applications (such as amarok and kaffeine) by default use the “auto” configuration, which does not get any sound going, so I’m having to force them to use alsa. The problem now is flash under firefox has no sound, and basically all applications I can’t configure have no sound as well.

The reason I need those applications to use alsa is because I’ve got experimental alsa drivers for my XFi, so I’ve got no choice there; they must use alsa.

See if someone can bring any light :), thanks.

I think you find such an option in KDE and not in YaST is because it is a personal choice of every user and not a system wide configuration.

Alright a little .asoundrc file in my home dir did the trick :slight_smile: Problem was it was picking my onboard intel card, apparently.