Making a RPM from compiled source

I need help remembering the name of a utility I used last time I had SUSE linux installed (a couple of years ago).

When I first started using linux, I tried to install everything from RPMs. I quickly got to a dependency hell and reinstalled SUSE in frustration. Next, I learned to compile the software I needed and it worked well until I started forgetting what I had installed because my software didn’t register in yast.

Finally, I found a perfect solution. Basically, I would follow the initial steps for compiling a source:

Then, instead of “make install”, I would use this utility I’m now looking for to make a RPM, and then I would install the RPM with yast. The only downside was that the name of the utility, and and thus the command I needed to type instead of “make install”, was rather long. Any ideas?


Thanks an awesome lot!!!

You’re welcome