making a full 750 gb hdd swap

hi all,
i have a 750 gb hdd and i am really bored so i want to make the whole thing swap i have ubuntu8.10 suse 11.0 fedora 10 and 7 mandriva one 2009 all avalible so what do i do???

i am sooooo bored thats why im doing this…

Just make one partition covering the whole disk of type swap.

But that’s simply the most pointless thing I’ve heard of, you’ll won’t use more than tiny fraction of that if you have enough RAM, and you will never be able to have that much to swap out. And it will actually be slower to setup because mkswap will take a long time to format the partition.

Why not use it as a data partition or backup partition? Or set up RAID. You’ll actually learn something useful from setting up RAID, whereas setting up swap is just a fdisk followed by a mkswap followed by swapon.

yer point maybe about 20gb of it swap and how would i set up RAID cos backups of all that are useful>:)

Oh, I don’t know … if he’d install enough RAM to make it worthwhile, I’d like to see a picture of the computer when he’s done!!! rotfl!

(To the original poster: if you do that, don’t forget the extra cooling fans for all that RAM!)

ita a netbook i wont be able to install loads of ram just a massive hdd of swap… i will take a pic when its done hmm about 100 apps i will open all powerful ones
the aao only supports 1.5gb of ram waaa i will put more in my vista then install opensuse 11.0 dual boot

I DO want to see that … IF you can get it to work. You’ll probably find that it’s so slow it becomes useless.

But hey, if you’re that bored, go for it!!! rotfl!