makeSuSEdvd and using autoinst.xml for automated installs

hello all,

environment: openSuSE 11.1

we have an install server (via HTTP) set up for our customers (both internal and external). our customers use a custom boot CD with our isolinux.cfg file on it. our isolinux.cfg file points them to our install server and leverages a customized autoinst.xml file (also located on the install server) - allowing them to perform a completely automated install. our autoinst.xml file also loads specific packages we need and runs additional scripts needed by our application.

all in all - our installation server works very nicely.

now we need to move to the next step.

i need to create a customized “DVD based” installation that does the same thing as our install server and our customized autoinst.xml file - eg, allow the user to kick off a completely automated installation using the DVD instead of our installation server (some of our customers will not have internet access)

i have read several articles on how to create my own SuSE distro and how to use makeSuSEdvd tool.

when i used the makeSuSEdvd utility - i placed my customzied autoinst.xml file at the root and then created my DVD iso, then burned the .iso to a DVD to test it out.

it booted - but then stopped with an error telling me the contents of CD1 were invalid.

how can i use the makeSuSEdvd tool, and my autoinst.xml file to create a completely automated install?


firts, Im sorry for my English.
Well, Ill try to make automatic bootable openSuSe DVD. I found a lot of articles about it, (SUSE / Uwe Gansert / autoyast / autoinstall)…
Now my steps:

  1. make new installation openSuSe and dont forget choose AutoYaST from order! Check “make clone system” at last step!
  2. System will create autoinst.xml config file at “root/” where U can find it.
  3. U can change contain of file for your owen needs.
  4. Place this config file to top directory of your bootable openSuSe DVD (Im use UltraISO program).
  5. If U wanna make fully automatic installation DVD, so you have to configure “isoinux.cfg” file pleased on “\boot\i386\loader”. Find a line “append initrd=initrd…” in section “# install” and add this command: “autoyast=file:///autoinst.xml install=cd” on it. Finally, it looks like: " append initrd=initrd autoyast=file:///autoinst.xml install=cd splash=silent showopts". At the end, retype “harddisk” on “default” line onto “linux”. I hope you still understand it :slight_smile:
  6. Dont forget that dvd has to be bootable!!
    I use openSuSe 11.1 and it work.
    If U dont understand anything, send me mail:
    Good luck.