Makes booting more elegant

I’d like to know if is it possible or not, to hide the text (console style) during the booting of suse as if it is any way to change the animation of the light bulb.
I know that’s marginal, but it’s something which annoys me.
Thanks in advance.

I can’t speak for others, but I do not understand your question. Could you rephrase it and add a few more explanations?

Guess we are talking about TW and there you have the old-school Linux console output on the screen while booting, then you see a console login and subsequently the screen switches to graphical mode and the login-screen shows up. Have that here for some time now on all TWs, I think it has been different in past, without console output…

As his thread title says “LEAP 42.2” I guess your story goes wrong from here on. :wink:

Ok Sorry for the confusion, i wrote this post very late and i was tired.
I’ll try to explain better this time: even if suse is the only os on my pc, it doesn’t boot directly, but instead, i see on screen a choice between opensuse 42.2, advanced option and start from a read-only snapshot. After selecting the first option i see some white writes, then opensuse finally starts.
Can i set to automatically start suse and not boot options every time?

Well, it should boot automatically into openSUSE 42.2 if that is what you installed the Grub bootloader with. There will be a delay time of a few seconds, but if you wait and do not touch the keyboard, the default should then boot.

The amount of that delay can be adjusted down from the default number of seconds, if you wish, by going into Yast=>Bootloader and changing the menu’s delay time in there. But, whatever you do, do NOT set it to 0 or, worse, to -1!!!

You will most likely need to interrupt the boot and display the menu at some point in the future for systems repair or maintenance, and those settings would make your life more difficult if you use them.

If what you want to do is have it boot straight into the system without displaying the Grub menu screen, it can be done by following my instructions here:

Read both posts #54 & #55.

This will allow a straight boot-up, but will allow you to call up that Grub menu by holding the shift key at boot on those rare times you might need to access the Advanced options, safe boot or rescue system.

Good luck.

All my computers in my network only boot into openSUSE (4x Leap42.2 and 1x Tumbleweed - no other options any more) so I just set the time in the grub bootloader to 1 sec. That means I just can see the options before they are gone again. If you ever need to change the boot options you have to be aware and have your finger right on the arrow down key ready to interrupt.